15 Years of Expertise

Here at AptoLink we have over 15 years of expertise in providing setup and training for the latest assistive hardware and software. The standard of assistive technology has risen as learning difficulties, audio/visual impairments and ergonomics have become better understood – but we have kept pace, always at the forefront of software, hardware and ergonomic technologies as they become increasingly used and accepted. We have assembled our proven training and assessment methods from many years of experience, based on what we know works best, to deliver useful support and resources to our clients.

Our assessors are fully qualified to conduct DSE assessments for your work area, be it an academic institution, a professional shared office or a home study / office. This can factor in difficult to quantify factors such as appropriate workplace chairs, workstation ergonomics, and posture supporting sundry items such as back supports or footrests.

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Solutions for Reasonable Adjustments

We also have specialists in the fast paced field of workplace adjustments. A sensitive topic for some, we have found that the key to providing the support a customer needs lies in an effective assessment that looks at the root of the problem. Whether it is learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, visual impairments such as cataracts or Retinitus Pigmentosa, hearing impairments such as profound hearing loss and Tinitus, or even more widely reported difficulties such as back / spine conditions and repetitive strain injury, we will be able to help evaluate the impact on work. From there our assessors can recommend both physical and non-physical adjustments to let our customers unlock their full potential, and for their employers to benefit from increased productivity and workplace confidence.

Continuity of Care

Once the adjustments are in place, we can offer a full range of training support for new technologies as well as more ‘tried-and-trusted’ methods for managing difficulties in the crucial educational setting, as well as the high standards of a professional workplace setting. This can range from mind mapping and planning software to full voice dictation, screen magnification and read-back features, as well as specialist items such as handheld video magnifiers and scanner pens. We can even adjust specialist chairs to conform with ergonomic recommendations as well as helping to setup a workstation to conform with comfortable and safe ergonomic standards.

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